Art & Mindfulness virtual sessions are creative exercises designed to develop self-awareness and facilitate personal growth.



Monthly Membership $50


Unlock your creativity and deepen your self-awareness through Art & Mindfulness sessions. Our unique approach combines art therapy, neuroscience, coaching, and self-compassion to help you develop strategies for self-improvement.

Each session starts with setting an intention, followed by art-making, and ending with discussion to further your understanding. Our process leverages the neuroplasticity of your brain to create positive changes in your thoughts and behaviors.

Self-care is vital to your wellbeing. Take time to center yourself, reconnect to your strengths, and nurture your best self. No prior art experience is necessary – anyone can benefit from our program. 

Art & Mindfulness Membership Now Available

“Kelly’s Art & Mindfulness sessions have taught me about how doing art can be centering, calming, and healing. She helped me through some difficult days and now I’m able to turn to art when my head is spinning.”

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