Mindful Art Center is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of creating art as a practice of mindfulness. You don’t have to call yourself an “artist” in order to understand yourself better through art. Learn within a supportive space how to tap into your creative intuition, using art to approach self-care from a new angle.

Coming UpGrow Through Creative Expression

September 5th- 26th

Online, Thursdays, 6pm-7:30pm EST

Gratitude for Our Goals

with Grace Kelly

Guided Journaling Workshop

Join an online group for four weekly sessions, where we use guided journaling and group discussions to build on a theme; using gratitude as a tool for gaining clarity and motivation toward reaching our goals. Learn to use gratitude and reflection in order to better understand what it is that you dream of achieving, and learn to truly appreciate and feel fulfilled by the journey itself.

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Oct. 8th – Nov. 12th

Online, Tuesdays, 6pm-7pm EST

Art & Mindfulness

with Kelly Darke

Series Four: Reflection

Join an online group for six weekly guided art sessions and discussions, with topics that build on each other around a focused theme. No artistic skills necessary – you need only bring paper, a pencil or pen, and yourself as you are.

Space is limited – Registration closes on October 1st.

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In-Person, Date and Time TBD

Weaving Workshop

with Kelly Darke

Located at Alleviate Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, Livonia MI

Join us in-person for a guided weaving workshop. No need to bring any artistic skills or materials with you. Water, snacks, and art kits including natural organic fibers and beautiful hand-spun yarn are provided. Kelly Darke will guide you through the meditative process of creating your own small woven art-piece.

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Neuroplasticity is, most simply defined, the brain’s ability to change and adapt.

Billions of neurons in our brain connect to each other, forming a network of trillions of pathways between them, each transmitting signals and information in order to help us function and survive. These connections are forged by our learned experiences of the world, and every single time a pathway is used, it becomes physically stronger. Signals pass through these stronger pathways with ease, using much less energy than it takes to pass through the weaker pathways. This is how habits, reactions, associations, and beliefs are built.

Negative experiences can strengthen pathways in the brain that may have once helped us to fit in and survive in the world. Yet, as our environments and priorities evolve, those pathways often become more hurtful than helpful, now showing up as anxieties and self-limiting beliefs. More positive pathways may still be weak, and since those weaker pathways take more energy from the brain for signals to pass through, it can take concentrated and consistent effort to build their strength. But when we do put in that effort, eventually our brains will naturally take the more positive pathway, meaning a more positive mindset, more peaceful reactions, healthier habits, and overall a happier life.

This is the power of “neuroplasticity,” the real, researched, physical process that occurs in our brains when we learn through new experiences. The Mindful Art Center aims to provide you with support in your practice of strengthening those happy and healthy neural pathways.


“I have been participating in weekly online Art and Mindfulness groups with Kelly Darke for over a month. She has a magical way of sharing her gift that supports and encourages and allows participants to explore their own thoughts.

She guides with care and love and helps to maintain a sense of calm within the group. Participants explore their own feelings, emotions and thoughts as she leads through open ended activities that allow people the freedom to go where the energy takes them. Kelly supports sharing and conversation that is meaningful and deeply supportive. I feel blessed that Kelly has a gift she is able to share so lovingly and would recommend her services without hesitation and with heartfelt gratitude towards her.”

~ Jennifer Knowles. South Burlington VT



Art Therapy with Transgender and Gender-Expansive Children and TeenagersKelly Darke and Shannon Scott-Miller

Publishing in 2025Art and MindfulnessKelly Darke

Publishing in 2025Gratitude for Our Goals: Guided JournalGrace Kelly

Art Kits and Merch Shop

Try out new art mediums yourself, with guided instructions and meditations, and without the commitment to a whole new hobby.

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Gender Diversity Training

These trainings are designed to provide your team with relevant, accurate, and actionable information to ensure everyone feels seen and safe in your community and workplace.

Facilitated by Shannon Scott-Miller, MA, ATR-BC

Mindful Reading

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