Gender Diversity Trainings

Facilitated by Shannon Scott-Miller, MA, ATR-BC —- EMAIL for scheduling and questions

Diversity training and sensitivity is crucial in the workplace. We all have an experience of gender that has been shaped by our personal experiences, which also contribute to gender biases. These trainings are designed to provide your team with relevant, accurate, and actionable information to ensure everyone feels seen and safe in your community and workplace.

All mental health professionals need to be aware and updated on this information in order to provide affirming care. 

How Cultural Norms Help to Shape Gender

Personal, cultural, and religious experiences all contribute to our understanding of gender. These become our gender norms which dictate societal expectations for how we and others interact with the world. These norms set an unrealistic standard that gender identity is static. Gender identity actually continues to develop throughout our lifespan. Explore the natural develop of gender identity and gain a broader understanding of how our own gender ideals may impact treatment


Gender Development and Gender Dysphoria

The milestones of gender identity begin at 18 months. Gain a strong understanding of the developmental stages of gender identity. Learn when gender-variant behaviors and preferences go beyond typical cross-gender play. Learn safe ways for expression, exploration, and support for all gender identities. Learn when behaviors may be signs of gender dysphoria and the pitfalls of when varying expressions of gender identity can lead to misdiagnosis.


Gender- Affirming Therapy 

An increased amount of research over the last two decades has documented significant mental health benefits to affirming care. Standards have been developed for mental health practitioners  to guide therapists in providing supportive, gender-affirming therapy. Explore how  therapists can be culturally sensitive in choosing interventions, creating an affirming therapeutic environment, and avoiding common missteps.


Using Tools for Art Therapy to Support Transgender and Gender-Expansive Youth

Explore the aspects of using the visual arts as a primary intervention for gender-expansive and transgender youth. Art therapy provides creative means through exploring different media to connect inner and outer worlds and navigate an exploration of identity. While in therapy, the artists use various media for self-expression, self-exploration, and self-reflection as part of the therapeutic process. Learn how to adapt art therapy interventions for affirming care.


We hope to engage participants as much as possible to make all information applicable to your daily therapy practices. All sessions  will include an interactive art experience. For video trainings, participants will be required to provide their own materials (white paper, colored pencils or markers minimum of 8 colors). For in person sessions, materials will be provided during the session. For agencies wishing to keep art materials, additional fees will be included. 

CE’s can be made available per request. Additional costs may apply depending on type of certification. 

Location is never a problem! Sessions can be offered through video conferencing or onsite. Recordings of sessions are prohibited.

Your input helps us continue to provide relevant information in an understandable format. Evaluations will be provided for all sessions with a request all participants return within 48 hours of the session.  


Cancellations for individuals must be 24 hours in advance for a refund. Groups must cancel 72 hours in advance with a chance to reschedule or a partial refund.