Intentional Living



Intentional Living

If we are lucky, we get to wake up each new day. We get to choose how we will approach the day – the tasks – the unexpected – the good and the bad. How we choose to feel and think about our days, and all the big and little things that happen throughout, will impact every moment even if we are not aware of it. If we focus on the negative aspects of our day, then we will find more things that are negative or those negative events will feel worse than they might actually be.

This is common and we all do it – it’s called the negativity bias. Even if our positive and negative experiences in a day are equal, the negative ones will feel heavier or more intense. Whereas the positive experiences might only feel neutral. 

One way we can boost the intensity of our positive experiences is through intentions. Setting an intention to be grateful, and then really soaking in the feeling of gratitude, can help our brain and body hold onto the feeling a little longer, making it stronger. Dr. Rick Hanson has great information here about what he calls, Taking in the Good

Creating a one word intention can help you focus on the feeling you want to cultivate. Creating artwork of your intention can help even more by giving you a visual that quickly reminds you of your intention, what it means to you, and how it makes you feel. 

Try This: Think of a word or phrase that embodies the intention you want to live with right now. You can always create more or change this intention as needed. 

Write the word on a piece of paper and spend some time coloring and designing the page while you think about – and feel – what that intention means to you. It’s important to really pull that feeling up in your mind and in your body. Fully embrace it as if it’s happening in the moment. 

On the back of your paper, journal for a few minutes about the reasons you chose this intention. Write down how it makes you feel and the things you can do to create the feeling. 

What is your One Little Word?