Art & Mindfulness virtual sessions are creative exercises designed to develop self-awareness and facilitate personal growth.

Monthly Membership $50

Unlock your creativity and deepen your self-awareness through Art & Mindfulness sessions. Our unique approach combines art therapy, neuroscience, coaching, and self-compassion to help you develop strategies for self-improvement.

Each session starts with setting an intention, followed by art-making, and ending with discussion to further your understanding. Our process leverages the neuroplasticity of your brain to create positive changes in your thoughts and behaviors.

Self-care is vital to your wellbeing. Take time to center yourself, reconnect to your strengths, and nurture your best self. No prior art experience is necessary – anyone can benefit from our program. 

Art & Mindfulness Membership will consist of an A & M session one week, then an open studio / self-care (social/community building) hour the next week. There will be one session at noon on Monday and one at 6pm on Tuesday. The topic will be the same so if you miss the noon session, you can join the 6pm session. (Please refer to the schedule for days and times and note any changes to the schedule.)

Beginning August 7 and over the course of 18 weeks you will have the opportunity to join 9 Art and Mindfulness sessions and 9 open studio / self-care hour sessions. The Art and Mindfulness session is a group art therapy based session that includes intentional focus / meditation, art making, and discussion to deepen our understanding. The open studio hour is a time where we can come together and work on whatever artwork we would like, or finish the art task from the Art and Mindfulness session, and chat about topics important to us. The open studio hour is designed to be less structured with more time for conversation. It is my hope that the open studio hour will be a way for members to get to know each other better and strengthen the community. 

This membership is designed to motivate and inspire you to make art and prioritize your self-care.

All sessions will be held through Zoom.

Monthly Membership $50 per month

The 2023 schedule will be as follows:

August 7 A&M at noon; August 8 A&M at 6pm – *** all times EST ***

August 14 open studio at noon; August 15 open studio at 6pm

August 21 A&M at noon; August 22 A&M at 6pm

August 28 open studio at noon; August 29 open studio at 6pm

September 11 A&M at noon; September 12 A&M at 6pm

September 18 open studio at noon; **September 20 open studio at 6pm

**September 25 A&M at 2pm; September 26 A&M at 6pm

        *** Note different time or different day ***

October 2 open studio at noon; October 3 open studio at 6pm

October 9 A&M at noon; October 10 A&M at 6pm

October 16 open studio at noon; October 17 open studio at 6pm

October 23 A&M at noon; October 24 A&M at 6pm

October 30 open studio at noon; October 31 open studio at 6pm

November 6 A&M at noon; November 7 A&M at 6pm

November 13 open studio at noon; November 14 open studio at 6pm

November 20 A&M at noon; November 21 A&M at 6pm

November 27 open studio at noon; November 28 open studio at 6pm

December 4 A&M at noon; December 5 A&M at 6pm

December 11 open studio at noon; December 12 open studio at 6pm