schedule an art therapy break for your team members at your office

Art Therapy at Your Office

Offer your employees a relaxing, stress reducing, fun break in their day. Increase the happiness and productivity of your team through art making and mindfulness. We supply all the art materials and will guide participants through the process. This is a relaxing and stress reducing activity that anyone can do.

Mindful Art Break

The Mindful Art Break is a 1 hour event at your offices aimed at reducing stress and teaching your team members some mindfulness skills that they can use on their own. We will provide all necessary art supplies, you supply the space!

Mindful Art 1/2 Day Workshop

This 3 hour art therapy workshop at your facility is geared to help your team gain more self awareness and empathy. We will learn and practice mindfulness skills, coping strategies, and team building exercises. These workshops can be custom designed for your particular needs.