Art & Mindfulness virtual sessions are creative exercises designed to develop self-awareness and facilitate personal growth.

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The experience is a combination of art therapy, neuroscience, coaching, and self compassion.

Learn to use art as a way to connect with your emotions and develop strategies for stronger self awareness.

Each session begins with setting the intention, followed by art making, and ending with discussion to deepen our understanding.

Art & Mindfulness is a powerful process that engages our creativity and takes advantage of the neuroplasticity of our brains allowing us to make positive changes in our thoughts and behaviors.

Self care is crucial for each of us. We need the time and space to center ourselves – to reconnect to our strengths and nurture our best selves.

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June 2022 Art & Mindfulness series

Mondays and Thursdays at 10-11am EST

June 6       June 9

June 13     June 16

June 20    June 23

June 27    June 30